Day 28 – YOU DID IT! Last Day of the 28-Day Spring Yoga Challenge


Today is the final day of 28-Day Spring Yoga Challenge.  I have been overwhelmed and overjoyed by the response this Challenge has garnered and the number of people that have participated.  Today your class is Relax & Restore*, followed by Mindful Meditation.

Today’s guided meditation class is 10-minutes. It is up to you to employ all of the skills you have learned and have been practicing over the last month to take on the challenge of sitting for ten minutes, no small feat.  You can sit quietly, engaged in mindful meditation, you’ve worked toward it and you can do it!

As we close the challenge, I want to share some thoughts about how I keep up ongoing  healthy habits in hopes that it helps you keep up yours!

First, I find it really helpful to have a routine. I always get up and meditate in the morning and if I don’t plan to take a class later, that’s when I practice as well.  A routine acts as a structure, just like the challenge, to support good habits.

Second: I learned through an elimination diet that I had some food allergies.  I focused on how much better I felt with the foods that irritate my system out of my diet to help me commit to keeping them out.

Finally: I set out each day committed to change and to sticking to what I know makes me happier and healthier. That doesn’t mean I don’t  fall off the wagon at times, of course I do!  I just try to forgive myself immediately, have compassion, get back up and start again.  There has to be a little freedom, patience, persistence, forgiveness and commitment all combined together for successful change to happen.  And the most important thing I remind myself all day, every day is to be in the moment and pay attention so I can make wise choices.  Hopefully this challenge helped you on that path too.

Please share all of your success stories with me, either by posting on the Facebook Group page or tweeting me with the hashtag #springyogachallenge.

I hope you enjoyed participating as much as I did.  I encourage you to revisit these yoga classes and continue taking your favorite ones on a regular basis.

Commit to change.

Alexandria Crow

* This class uses a bolster, if you do not have one, try a stack of blankets or a stiff pillow. If you don’t have blocks use thick books. If you don’t have a strap, use a soft belt from your robe or an old tie (OR, order a set of real yoga props here).

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