Day 26 – What Will It Take For You To Continue This Routine?

28day-spring-yoga-challenge-day26Hopefully, this has become your new favorite vinyasa class, get ready, we are doing A Little Bit of Everything* one last time, followed by Mini Meditation.

Beginners, you are back to Everything You Need, followed by Mini Meditation.

As you build a new routine of practicing yoga and meditation daily and being mindful of your nutrition choices, I want you to really think what it would be like to continue on this path after the 28-Day Spring Yoga Challenge has ended.  What steps can you take to commit to your new habits sticking after the challenge is over.  Make a list of how you can stick to your new healthy ways and don’t forget, when it comes to fitting yoga into your busy life, MyYogaWorks can help!

I also encourage you to share your final thoughts with the group on the Challenge Facebook Page.

Tomorrow you have a REST day, enjoy it!

Alexandria Crow.

* This class uses blocks and a strap. If you do not have blocks, use books, and substitute a soft belt for a strap.

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