Day 25 – Have Fun With Your Class Today


This is the last time we will be doing today’s class together, Strength & Stretch*.  I hope by now, you are feeling stronger and more confident in your poses.  Have fun with your class today, just be you.  After we finish today’s practice, stay with me for the Mini Meditation.

For beginners, try Efficient Hip & Hamstring Flow, followed by Mini Meditation.

Remember back to when you started the challenge, the level of strength and flexibility you had then and how different it is now.  Hard work results in meaningful change.  I love the statement: “nothing worth having comes easily.” It’s true. Remind yourself of that when the challenge is over, anytime you need motivation,  to just keep showing up and doing the work.

Tomorrow your class is A Little Bit of Everything + Mini Meditation.

Be compassionate.

Alexandria Crow

*This class uses blocks and a strap. If you do not have blocks, use books, and substitute a soft belt for a strap.

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