Day 23 – Let External Distractions Subside, Be in the Moment

Did you enjoy the guided meditation yesterday? Was it challenging or were you able to relax and be in the moment? Don’t worry if you found it challenging, that’s normal and part of the process. Today’s class is Strength & Stretch*, followed by Mini Meditation.

For beginners, try Efficient Hip & Hamstring Flow, followed by Mini Meditation.

During your meditation class today, try to be in the moment, let the external distractions subside and just be still and listen to me guide you for five minutes.  Meditation is often misunderstood to be shutting off the mind, but trying to shut the mind down just produces more thoughts!  Know that thoughts will happen when you meditate, the difference is letting the thoughts pass as you notice them. Experiment with letting the thoughts flow by while you watch them. See if this changes your relationship with your mind.  Share your experience with us on the Facebook Group page.

Be sure to visit Joanna McCracken’s blog, Pepper My Salt, for great recipe ideas this week!

Tomorrow your class is A Little Bit of Everything + Mini Meditation.

Pay attention.

Alexandria Crow

* This class uses blocks and a strap. If you do not have blocks, use books, and substitute a soft belt for a strap

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