Day 21 – Take a Moment to Reflect on Your Week


Today your class is Relax & Restore. Remember, if you don’t have a bolster, use a stack of blankets or a stiff pillow (one from your couch will work well). If you don’t have blocks use thick books. If you don’t have a strap, use a soft belt from your robe or an old tie (if you want to really feel like a yogi, order a set of real yoga props here.

Enjoy this restorative practice.  Notice if stillness comes easier to you this week than it did last time you tried it. That’s progress.

When you finish class today, grab your journal and review your entries this week. Did the new approach to your practice help? Did the pose or practice go differently with a new thought process?  Did you find a different route that may help you off the mat?  Maybe you found out you’re a lot stronger than you thought, or maybe you’re not as scared as you believed you were.

We’re at the end of week 3 and I’m glad you’ve stuck with me so far, there’s only one more week to go.  Tomorrow your class will be the 45-minute A Little Bit of Everything + a mini meditation.

Watch your thoughts.

Alexandria Crow

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