Day 15 – Approach Today’s Class with a New Perspective



Let’s start this week off strong with today’s class, A Little Bit of Everything! For a level 1 class, try Fit Beginners #2

This class uses blocks and a strap. If you do not have blocks, use books, and substitute a soft belt for a strap.

Your journaling focus this week is to begin each class as if you have never done yoga before. The ‘I can’t,’ ‘I’m scared,’ ‘I’m too tight,’ ‘I’m too weak,’ throw them out the window and approach every pose as if you are brand new and without any expectations about your yoga practice. Write down what happened in those moments and at the end of this week, we will look back at those reflections.

This weeks nutrition post from Joanna McCracken, is still focused on the theme of crowding out. In addition to adding greens and whole grains to your diet, try adding in more healthy, lean proteins. Find out how Joanna recommends you do this and get all of her great recipes on the BLOG.

Hopefully by now you have already joined the discussion on the Facebook Group, but if you haven’t, it’s not too late, you can still join in and share your own experience.

Tomorrow your class is 30-minute Strength & Stretch.

Show gratitude to yourself and others.

Alexandria Crow

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