Day 12 – Today is the Day to Challenge Yourself Physically



Set aside some time today for your Rigorous Flow class. If you’d like a well rounded level 1 experience try Flowing in Balance

Today is a good day to physically challenge yourself. But, that doesn’t mean that you mindlessly push without the discernment between discomfort and pain, instead, pay close attention to your breath, let it guide you. When it gets choppy, short or non-existent, it probably means you’re reaching your limit and it would be a good time to pause and rest.  If your breath is flowing well it probably means you have the energy and mindfulness to keep going!

Have you been sticking to the crowding out diet? How’s it going? How are some of these dietary changes affecting your yoga practice?  Pay special attention and be sure to journal about your experience.

Enjoy tomorrow, it’s your REST day!

Happy Practicing.

Alexandria Crow

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