Day 10 – Learn The Difference Between Discomfort…and Pain



Your yoga class today is Rigorous Flow. If you’d like a well rounded level 1 experience try Flowing in Balance

Pay attention to your body during your practice today. Are you sore or tired, maybe your muscles are stiff? Take special note of your body and adjust your practice so that you are not injuring yourself. A little discomfort from pushing your edges is ok, it’s part of life, and part of your body and mind shifting.  Pain is not ok though, so if you’re fatigued to the point where you may hurt yourself, take care of yourself and modify where you need to.

One major tenet of yoga is learning to discern the difference between discomfort and injurious pain.  Use your mind in every moment today to pay attention to the difference between the two, stay away from pain but allow the discomfort of hard work to exist.

Remember that you should be crowding out your diet with whole grains this week. Get the full scoop on “crowding out” plus delicious recipes from Joanna McCracken on the BLOG.

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Tomorrow’s class is 15-Minute Power Up.

Happy Practicing.

Alexandria Crow

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