Day 8 – Reflect On Your Experiences


It’s the start of week 2. This week, we increase our well-rounded practice to 30 minutes, don’t worry you can do it! Your class today is Rigorous Flow. If you’d like a well rounded level 1 experience try Flowing in Balance

Hopefully this week you will be able to eliminate some of the external distractions that you experienced last week so that you can start to focus on what happens in your mind during your practice.  After each practice, write down what you didn’t like about the practice.  It’s ok if you were frustrated or intimidated, don’t worry, I won’t be offended! It’s important information to become aware of.

Maybe you didn’t like a certain pose because it was uncomfortable or hard for you.  Did you not try something because you were afraid of failing?  Did you push into poses that you should have backed off on?  Did you refuse to use props?  Did you use props where you didn’t need them?  Don’t panic if some of these apply to you! They are common reactions. Noticing how you think and what you do on your mat is an opportunity to learn about your patterns of behavior. Take time to reflect on those experiences this week during your daily practice.

There’s a new BLOG post from Joanna this week. The “crowding out” theme continues with a focus to add more whole grains (not refined grains) to your daily diet.  Read the latest post and get new recipes HERE.


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Tomorrow’s class is 15-Minute Firm Your Foundation.

Happy Practicing!

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