Day 7 – Relax & Restore


Congratulations! You reached the end of the first week of the 28-Day Spring Yoga Challenge.

Today’s class is a replenishing and relaxing restorative class, Relax & Restore-

If you don’t have a bolster, use a stack of blankets or a stiff pillow (one from your couch will work well). If you don’t have blocks use thick books. If you don’t have a strap, use a soft belt from your robe or an old tie (if you want to really feel like a yogi, order a set of real yoga props here.

After you finish Savasana, review your journal entries and reflect on the challenges that you experienced and what might have distracted you this week. Work toward eliminating those distractions – whether it’s putting the phone in another room or the dog outside, try to stay present and focused for the minutes each day that you dedicate to your yoga practice, even when it’s hard. Commit to doing something different, I know it’s scary but you’ll be surprised at the results!

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