Day 3 – Quickie Flow



You’ve done this one before, but hopefully Quickie Flow feels a little easier today. 

My daily practice has shown me how to approach challenges, struggle, and address negative patterns in my life with open eyes and a fearless attitude, something I never knew I was capable of before finding yoga.  I hope yoga can do the same for you!  That’s why it’s important to write down your daily challenges so that you can reflect on them at the end of each week.  We all have patterns we’re stuck in and this practice makes it possible to see them and work on them in a different way so that change can happen!

How did you do yesterday with “crowding out” your unhealthy food choices? Be sure to read theBLOG and Joanna’s post for great, new recipes.

Happy Practicing!

Alexandria Crow


*The videos for the first week of the 28-Day Spring Yoga Challenge are free. To continue participating in the Challenge for all 28 days, you must be a MyYogaWorks member. Sign up here

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