Day 1 – Quickie Flow

DAY 1 – The 28 Day Spring Yoga Challenge Starts Today!


Good Morning,

Welcome to the first day of the 28-Day Spring Yoga Challenge!  I’m your teacher Alexandria Crow and I’ll be guiding you through this Challenge with yoga classes and nutrition tips as well as words of encouragement and motivation.

This first week, you will ease into your practice with shorter classes. Today, begin with this 15-minute Quickie Flow class.

In addition to the classes, I encourage you to keep a journal of your experience – even if writing isn’t your thing, try it for 28 days, the awareness you’ll gain will be transformative! This week, after each class, take just a few minutes to write down any distractions that made your practice difficult or kept you from finishing your practice.  It could be external causes – your kids, phone, pets.  It could also be internal causes – wild thoughts, mental distractions, fatigue, pain.

Check out the nutrition portion of the Challenge on the BLOG, make sure you join the Facebook Group and share your experience with us. Lastly if you have questions, comments or just need to be held accountable tweet with the hashtag #SpringYogaChallenge and I will be sure to tweet you back!

Happy practicing!

*The videos for the first week of the 28-Day Spring Yoga Challenge are free. To continue participating in the Challenge for all 28 days, you must be a MyYogaWorks member. Sign up Here

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