#LetsGrowYoga Day 1

What an awesome start to the #LetsGrowYoga challenge. We had some great pics come through! Some of our faves from yesterday are below! Thanks to all those who posted! Let’s keep growing yoga!!!

@kerrianna – emojichild’s pose #letsgrowyoga @vytasyoga @caleyalyssa @angelakukhahn@calvmonster

letsgrowyoga challenge

… haven’t ever done an Instagram photo “challenge” before, but decided to try this one for a couple reasons… 1. the object: to introduce yoga to those who don’t already have it in their lives and 2. my teacher @vytasyoga is one of the four behind the project. yoga changed my life – and continues to every day. it has made me more conscientious, accepting, patient, kind, accountable, centered and loving – not only of others but of myself. yoga has kept me afloat in some pretty rough seas. it is with me all the time – it is a part of me and always will be. i wish yoga for everyone… it’s exciting to imagine how many new and unsuspecting yogis this project may reach! beautiful idea, @vytasyoga @caleyalyssa @angelakukhahn + @calvmonster emojiemojiemoji


@stilleatinggood – @angelakukhahn @caleyalyssa Thank you for this awesome challenge. 🙂 Day One went well, onward to Day Two!


Both my daughter and I had a long exhausting day and still more work was in store, what with her homework and my writing deadlines, when we got home. She laughs at me w/ my yoga but I thought what a great time to try to convert this sullen teen to the happy #yoga side of life. Though A nap sounded good for both of us , we opted for day one #letsgrowyoga pose of #childspose to rejuvenate us. Stayed there each for about 10 minutes and well, we got our second wind. Her words, ” hey, that wasn’t so bad. My back feels all stretched out and I’m less tired.” Wish me luck that in the 2 weeks of this #yogachallenge I can get this teen to see the light and bend,bend, bend. @vytasyoga @lululemon @yogaworks@caleyalyssa

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