Curried Lentil Soup

I love hot soup on a cold winter day – it’s a rare combination of nutritious, comforting and satisfying! As an added bonus, most soups are extremely easy to make. I often cook a big pot over the weekend and have my lunch or dinner taken care of for the rest of the week. One of my most recent concoctions was curried lentil and butternut squash. It was delicious, filling and warmed me to the bone!

Lentils, a seriously heart healthy legume, are loaded with fiber, protein, magnesium, iron and folate. They also cook faster and are generally easier to digest than other beans. This recipe calls for cooking the lentils with a piece of kombu, which is a sea vegetable that will further increase their digestibility. Kombu also contributes additional vital nutrients such as iodine and calcium.

Click here to get the recipe and read more about the ingredients!


Joanna McCracken photo by fluid frame 
Joanna McCracken is a health coach, recipe developer, and 500-hour certified yoga teacher.  Her goal is to educate and assist people throughout their unique journey to better health, and to make that journey fun and delicious! Visit Joanna’s blog, Pepper My Salt, or follow her on Facebook.

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