Styles of Yoga – Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga

An ancient, esoteric form of yoga, Kundalini aims to release pure concentrated energy from the body so it can be used by the practitioner.   Postures and breathing techniques are often practiced with quick, repeated movements to help harness energy and strengthen the nervous system.  Kundalini can also involve chanting.


Some common Kundalini terms:

  • Kriya = a group of asanas, breath, and sound (often mantras) that work toward a specific goal or outcome.
  • Pranayam = regulating breath through various exercises and techniques.
  • Chakras = Centers of energy along the midline of the body (there are 7).  They are focal points of energy that many believe have a deep effect on our daily lives.
  • Mudra = Hand positions that help to connect the mind and body energetically.
  • Mantra = A repeated word or phrase.  In Kundalini, a mantra is used to create vibrations and frequencies throughout the body through sound.
  • Bandhas = Translated as “body locks”, in other words, contractions of different parts of the body in order to direct the flow of energy throughout the body.

Kundalini classes can move at a fast pace and include intense breathing, so it is best for students who are already comfortable with basic yoga postures.

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