Styles of Yoga – Power Yoga

Power Yoga

As it’s name would suggest, Power Yoga is a strong style that can help tone muscles and build stamina.  The rigorous, moving flow in this style will build heat (i.e. sweat) – an excellent aid in increasing flexibility.

Some yoga students, such as athletes, are already strong, but have not yet developed the flexibility or balance required for advanced classes.  Power Yoga is an accessible way to get an amazing workout and become more limber with a fun, fast paced flow.

The definition of Power Yoga can vary from teacher to teacher and studio to studio as it isn’t a set defined style of yoga.  Some studios refer to Vinyasa yoga as Power Yoga and vice versa.  If you are unsure if Power Yoga is the right style of yoga for you, be sure to ask the studio or teacher what their Power Yoga class entails.

Try one of MyYogaWorks Power Yoga classes by David Kim to check it out today!

power yoga online yoga class by myyogaworks

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