We’re really excited to get our Yoga Pose contest underway. We’ve partnered with YogaTrail – a yoga directory that is on it’s way to being the most comprehensive up-to-date global directory of all things yoga centric. We’ve been a loyal follower to YogaTrails facebook page for the last year when we originally stumbled upon them because of their Yoga Poses app. Yogis post pictures of themselves performing poses all around the world. We’ve seen stunning landscapes and beautiful yoga. This App makes us feel like we’ve travelled the world.


We just launched our 3 week contest with Yoga Trail and we’re hoping to see more beautiful and remote places. But we’re also excited to see yoga poses being captured in the cities we know and love.


Capture your yoga practice while travelling or at home. Submit your photo to the Yoga Poses app and ask your friends to vote for your photo. If you submit a photo to our contest you will receive one free month of MyYogaWorks. The winner of the contest will recieve an iPad with the Yoga Poses application and a LIFETIME subscription to MyYogaWorks.

Enter Contest Now



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